Our machines require improving the profitability and performance of our customers’ products. We can offer your business:

    • Research & Development
    • Project management
    • Training Programs
    • Service Programs
    • Installation of equipment
    • Support Parts
    • Integration line trial with downstream equipment
    • Remote Troubleshooting Service

Technical Assistance 24/24

Whenever an automatic processing machine or semiautomatic fails, the production of wet wipes nonwoven stops;which may be very expensive and unrecoverable. The method according to address technical problems with the machines is to send our technical team to the site where the machine is located. This practice usually leads to a long interruption of production.
At Genilux, we solve the problem by introducing an online technical support 24/24 Our technical team can have access to a remote control system for the integrated machine. This allows us to identify the faulty part of the machine. Most problems are solved by machine assistance remotely controlled. This form of technical support is free for the first year after the purchase of the machine. Then, a charge of £ 100 will be required for each solution of the problem. The technical staff will solve these problems by replacing the defective part with a spare compliant, provided under the contracts that bind us.



The embedded software in the machine continuously monitors the performance of the machine and provides documentary evidence of the quality of the product. This data can be used in different ways, such as when your customers want to reassure the reliability and consistency, as the accuracy of distribution control lotion. The usual method of taking samples of the production and wait for their results is reduced.