Semi-Automatic Flow Pack Machine
Semi-Automatic Flow Pack Machine


Semi-Automatic Flow Pack Machine

  • All the belts are antibacterial
  • Servo controlled horizontal welding
  • Linear speed servo controlled horizontal welding
  • Servo controlled vertical welding on top
  • Preheating before horizontal welding
  • Accumulator conveyor
  • Product height adjuster
  • Easy synchronisation for product pushing
  • Products touching surfaces are 316 l 


Machine Dimension:
Width:   1500mm

Length:  7000mm

Height:  1350mm

Weight:  670 kg

Roll :  2

Dimension of Label Reels:
Max Width:  100mm

Min Length:  10mm

Max Diameter:  300mm

Max Label:  300 label /min

Max Speed:  30m/min

Dimensions of Foil/Laminate Reels:
Max Width:  500mm

Min Width:  140mm

Max Diameter:  500mm

Dimensions of products:
Max Width:  150mm

Min Width:  55mm

Max Length:   450mm

Min Length:   70mm

Max Height : 120mm

Min Height:  10mm

Product Shape and Dimension:






Usable core Diameter:
Standard : 76mm
Pack/min : 50
Meter/min : 21-25
Air Pressure :6-8 bar
PLC Features:
Operator Panel : Touch screen
Capable of to keep 50 production recipes and keep truck of past performance of the
Digital Input : 64 PNP/NPN
Digital Output : 48 PNP
Analogue Input : 4 + – 10V/5V/4-20mA
Analogue Output : 2 + – 10V/5V7 4-20mA
Operator Panel
Encoder : 1000 ppr Line-Driver
Communication Servo: Mechatrolink II Protocol
Motion Control : 16 axis motion control
380 V AC 50 Hz 45 Amp
20 Kw