Semi-Automatic Wet Wipes Converting Machine TX800 (X Cross Fold)


Semi-Automatic Wet Wipes Converting Machine TX800

Semi-Automatic Wet Wipes Converting Machine TX800


Semi-Automatic Wet Wipes Converting Machine TX800

  • All the conveyor bands are antibacterial.

Certified by: Public Health Service of Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington DC USA, comply with FDA standards

  • Cutting by circular saw
  • The construction of the machine is 304 stainless steel
  • Products touching surfaces are 316 stainless steel
  • Reel changing: Semi-automatic, sensor controlled
  • Sensor controlled liquid tank
  • Cover for safety
  • Mobile start-stop button
  • Interlock system on doors
  • Fitted alarm
  • Wetting system (Bath type)
  • Sensitive liquid dosing system has deviation of less than 1,5%

Optional Equipment
  • Wetting online, with speed controlled pump
  • Double cutting system for Z folded baby wipes (there will be waste as the product will be trimmed by about 10mm from each side of product)
  • Automatic sharpening                             
Technical Features
Folding Z Cross Fold
Substrate Spunlace, Airlaid, crêpe
GSM 30 – 80 gsm
Liquid dosing up to 300%
Design speed 800 wipes/ minute (400 wipes/min for baby wipes)

Max Length 100mm(200 mm unfolded)(Optional)
Max-Min product width 110mm /55 mm
Max. product height 40 mm
Max-Min Roll width 350 mm / 180mm
Max. Roll Diameter 1200 mm
Number of min rolls 1

Core diameters 76mm – 125mm
Air Pressure 6-8 Bar
Liquid tank 250 Iitre
Servos & Drives “Bechoff”, “Allen Bradley”, “Siemens”
Control system PLC – OMRON

Power supply 380V AC /50 Hz/ 15 Amp/ 5.5Kw
Screen Touch screen
Main Motor 2.2 kw AC
Pulling Motor 1300 Watt Servo
Cutting Motor  

750 Watt AC Motor