Make the right choice for your business

Make the right choice for your business

Genilux LTD specialises in providing machinery, products  and services with complete solutions for the manufacture of wet wipes and dry tissue, all under one roof.

Our  machines enable you to convert and impregnate a variety of non-woven materials with ease, efficiency, flexibility and at the speed you need. In combination with other machinery, we can build and support your entire line, from converting through to packaging.  In short, we offer system solutions to support your converting processes from start to finish.

We design and manufacture machinery to process air laid, spunlace and other non-woven materials. Our range includes folding (automatic cutting and impregnating and stacking),  perforating, slitting, winding and packaging machines .

We strive to work very closely with our customers, so that we can both benefit from continuous exchange of experience and ongoing improvement in our machinery and services.

 Our aim is for our machinery to give you the following benefits ?



Increased production with longer intervals between maintenance



Improved fault diagnostics system resulting in  less machine downtime and faster production



 Customised training manuals and special training videos are available